Timed Daylight

Timed Daylight Therapy

The lack of daylight in winter in northern latitudes tends to be rough. There are commercially available daylight therapy lamps. However, I wanted to automate one. Below is how I implemented it.

The daylight therapy lamp I happen to own has a single on/off button that also toggles its state on power on. My plan was to use a spare Sonoff Basic to switch the lamp on an off. The lamp comes with a wall wart type of power supply, so I bought a europlug style extension cord. I simply added the Sonoff Basic inline in the extension cord and connected the lamp to it.

Whilst a simple mechanical timer might have gotten the bare basics done in this project, a smart switch is far more flexible. Setting the schedule on an Android device is far more flexible and schedules can be disabled whilst I’m away. Integration with IFTTT allows even more options.