Mail From Remote Server

Mail from Remote Server ZeroTier solved one problem very easily. I have a mail server with spf records configured to specifically allow email from that server. The problem with this was that email from Raspberry Pis and whatnot would have problems being delivered. Solution With the originating server and the domain email server being joined to the same ZeroTier network, it was a simple matter of configuring the originating server to use the domain mail server as a smarthost.

Timed Daylight

Timed Daylight Therapy The lack of daylight in winter in northern latitudes tends to be rough. There are commercially available daylight therapy lamps. However, I wanted to automate one. Below is how I implemented it. The daylight therapy lamp I happen to own has a single on/off button that also toggles its state on power on. My plan was to use a spare Sonoff Basic to switch the lamp on an off.

Site Setup

Hugo Site Background Background I happen to have an original Raspberry Pi model B at a cottage quite a ways from where I live. My plan is to set up monitoring of temperature and humidity at the cottage including history. The Raspberry Pi is connected to a 4G modem, however usual http ports have been allocated to a surveillance camera. Plan Given the limited number of ports, I decided to give ZeroTier a try.

My First Post

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